California Institute of Technology, PhD, Computation and Neural Systems | 2006-2012 | Preceptor: Richard Andersen, Ph.D.
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston | MS, Neuroscience | 2004 - 2006 | Mentor: David Eagleman, Ph.D.
Harvard University | BA, Physics | 1997-2001

Stetson, C., Andersen, R.A. Asymmetric Spike-LFP Coherence between Parietal Reach Region and Dorsal Premotor Cortex. under review
Stetson, C., Andersen, R.A. Comparison of Effector Decisions in Premotor and Parietal Cortices. under review
Cui, X., Stetson, C., Montague, P.R., Eagleman, D.M. (2009). Ready...Go: Amplitude of the fMRI Signal Encodes Expectation of Cue Arrival Time. PLoS Biol 7(8): e1000167
Stetson C, Fiesta MP, Eagleman DM. (2007). Does Time Really Slow Down during a Frightening Event?. PLoS ONE 2(12): e1295
Stetson C, Cui X, Montague PR, Eagleman DM. (2006). Motor-sensory recalibration leads to an illusory reversal of action and sensation. Neuron. 51(5):651-9.
Master's Thesis (2006). David Eagleman, Ph.D., Advisor
Wang J, Anderson J, Lane T, Stetson C, Moore J. (2000). Contrast-detail characteristic evaluations of several display devices. J Digit Imaging. 13(2 Suppl 1):162-7

Society for Neuroscience Annual Meetings, 2004-2013 (posters; talks in 2007, 2011); RIKEN Summer Program, Japan 2010 (first prize presentation), Sloan-Swartz Centers For Theoretical Neurobiology, Annual Meeting, 2007, 2008, 2009 (talks), 2010 (poster); Stetson C, Lakhani A, Eagleman DM. (2006). How do motor acts change time perception? Journal of Vision. 5, 8, 767, p 767a; Society for Neuroeconomics Annual Meeting, September, 2006 (talk); NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan 2005 (talk); Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, 2004 -2005 (posters); Experimental Philosophy Lab, UCSD (talk) 2004;

CS/CNS/EE 156b: Learning Systems, Yaser Abu-Mustafa, Ph.D., Winter 2010
CNS/Bi 256: Decision Making, Richard Andersen, Ph.D., Spring 2010

Sloan-Swartz Fellowship | 2007
RIKEN Institute | Summer Program, Best presentation award | 2010

"Systems and Methods for Visualizing and Manipulating Graph Databases" (USPT, applied 2013)

Helynx | Co-founder | 2014-
Andersen Lab, Caltech | Post-doctoral Scholar | 2/2012-2014
Laboratory for Perception and Action, UT Houston | Research Associate | 10/2003-12/2003
Designed and built wristwatch-sized "neural chronometer" to measure perception during human free-fall
MIT Lincoln Laboratory | Assistant Staff in Laser Adaptive Optics | 2001-2003
Worked in a team to design and build high-altitude instruments to perform airborne laser propagation experiments | developed in-flight embedded data acquisition systems and ground-based command system | tested aircraft materials with exposure to high energy lasers
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory | X-Ray Rocket Research Assistant | 1999-2001
Designed and coded flight software for on-board camera and filter assembly of a rocket-borne telescope | responsible for the unfailing operation of these scientific components. analyzed coronal loop data from the TRACE x-ray satellite
UT Southwestern Medical Center | MRI Research Assistant: Department of Medical Physics | 1999
Designed, build devices for fMRI scanner interface
The Harvard Krokodiloes | 3 3-month, 6-continent World Tours, 1998 - 2001

Science stuff (experimental design, animal surgery and care, building circuits and other apparatus, heavy-duty data analysis in Matlab, IDL, UNIX) | Programming in C++, especially for embedded systems and machine learning | Proficient in German

Building things | Invention of electronic musical instruments, animation algorithms, visual programming | Stringed instrument playing, vocalizing, illustration | Mountaineering, backcountry skiing, kiteboarding